About  Mixsoft

Focus on Results. Fueled by Real Success.

Forget buzzwords and empty promises. At Mixsoft, we're driven by one core principle: delivering AI solutions that solve real business problems and produce tangible results. We're not here to simply build impressive tech demos; we're your partner in achieving concrete outcomes that impact your bottom line.

Our results measured in numbers:
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What makes us different

We're human-centric

We're human-centric, not tech-obsessed. We believe AI serves people, not the other way around. That's why we focus on understanding your unique challenges, workflows, and goals before crafting tailored AI solutions that fuel your growth.

What makes us different

We're ROI-driven

Results are our middle name. We're ROI-driven, and our AI solutions are designed to deliver concrete outcomes, whether it's boosting productivity, saving time, or increasing revenue. We measure, analyze, and refine to ensure your success.

What makes us different

We speak your language

We speak your language. Forget arcane technical terms. We communicate transparently and collaborate closely, ensuring you're part of the innovation journey every step of the way.

Our Values

The core values that drive everything we do

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Client-Focused Excellence

We believe in co-creating solutions tailored to address each practice's distinct needs, ensuring AI delivers meaningful impact, not just efficiency.

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Reliability isn't just a word; it's our ethos. Our trustworthy nature has fostered a reputation we hold dear.

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We don't settle for accolades; our commitment to excellence in the AI automation industry ensures each venture resonates with our standard of perfection.

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Global Trust

Our global footprint reflects the trust from businesses worldwide, from Australia to the US, and Thailand to Denmark, all the way through Germany and the UAE.

Whom Mixsoft Serves

We partner with industries where

Productivity matters: Automate tasks, free up teams, and achieve more with AI.
Personalization is key: Deliver individualized experiences and build stronger customer relationships.
Compliance is critical: Ensure data security and ethical application of AI technologies.

What We're Offering

Tailored Solutions

We offer a comprehensive suite of services focused on bringing tailored solutions to life, leveraging our advanced software development, AI, web scaping, and business expertise to deliver tangible results. Our primary goal is to bring clients' ideas to life and ensure they can benefit from the latest technologies without the complexities typically associated with implementation.

Our Locations

Globally-connected team
of remote professionals

Our flexible and collaborative work culture enables us to seamlessly serve clients from around the world.

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San  Francisco, USA

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London, UK

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Bangkok, TH

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Dubai, UAE

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Chişinău, MD